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Forza World Podcast - A Forza Horizon Podcast

Forza World

The place to be for Forza fans, F1 fans, and car enthusiasts. The Forza World Podcast is an unfiltered and hilarious weekly experience, where we discuss what's new in the world of cars, motorsport, and of course, Forza Horizon. Absolutely nothing is off-limits - hosts Aren Glover, Andrew Lennon, and Jason McArthur will have some arguments, some thought-provoking discussions, and some ridiculous takes too. There are a variety of rotating segments, including the weekly "F*** That Car", where we choose a car to hate on and explain why it stinks, or "Jason's Complaint Corner", where he chooses a particularly minor topic to complain about in cars, life, food, or more, and a few other fun segments, too. So sit back, buckle up, and get ready to laugh at us.